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"Today, specialized skills are required to benefit from the numerous advances in data communications networking."

TechCon Management Consulting provides complete and comprehensive data communications network support.  Our expertise includes all aspects of network planning, design and implementation.  We have worked with enterprise networks using high speed SONET, wide-area frame relay and ATM networks, office Ethernet and ATM LANs, organization-wide Intranets, and Internet connectivity including web site design and implementation.
Networking Dynamics
Over the last 10 years, in every organization, desktop computing architectures have become commonplace; the preferred tools and key components of central and distributed information systems.  This technology supports simple data sharing, line-of business operations, project collaboration, management analysis, strategic initiatives, workflow management, etc. and is essential for enhances organizational productivity.  Workstations provide access to critical data in production applications and/or databases residing on central servers or mainframe systems.  In handling daily work activities, executives, managers, knowledge workers, line personnel, and clerical staff have come to rely on and expect and available and reliable network with outstanding performance.
Today's networking goals include providing remote access for field force personnel, building connectivity that links regional offices, creating Internet-based applications, and implementing organization-wide Intranets.


Our network services are tailored to each client's requirements.  Offerings include:
  • High speed SONET OC3, OC12, OC48, including ATM network design and implementation
  • Regional wide-area leased and frame-relay network design and implementation
  • ISDN network design and implementation
  • Ethernet and ATM local area network design and implementation
  • Remote access services design and implementation
  • Internet access and web site design and implementation
  • Organization-wide Intranet design and implementation
  • Comprehensive network design reviews
  • Video conferencing and distance education/learning design and implementation


TechCon Management Consulting has a proven track record in working with organizations to plan and implement networking projects.  Our approach is to develop network solutions which are most appropriate and most cost effective for meeting our client's business objectives and enhancing client business operations.

Other detailed services:

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